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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design - News - 072612: Mosaic Class Deployment. 4th Generation Web Site Development. Aurora Class Site Development Announced.



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Thursday, July 26, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design News

Mosaic Class Deployment. 4th Generation Web Site Development. Aurora Class Site Development Announced.

12 Mosaic Class Web Sites In Development
Aurora PhotoArts announced today that at least 12 new, front line, state of the art Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts will be built and deployed by fall 2012, with this one being the first one, as well as the largest. This Mosaic Class site is also our main business, marketing, and support web site, which means that it will be at least 10 times larger than the others.
Development of this main Mosaic Class web site is going slowly, however, as we are going through hundreds of thousands of picture image files for the support of our various portfolios, which include the web sites. Due to the extreme number of image files, dating back 12 years, work on the image and graphics sets for the Mosaic Class web sites have been delayed. Once those sets are finalized, however, it will be possible to build and deploy a completely operational Mosaic Class web site every week. The first deployment of 12 web sites will take at least three months. This main web site is awaiting the sets so that it can be completed, at which time it will achieve Initial Operational Capability (IOC). At that time, we will divert the TampaLooks.Com marketing domain name and the AuroraPhotoArts.Com branding domain name from the old Venus Class web site, which is at a different domain name, to the domain name of this web site. The old Venus Class site is scheduled to remain online, with minimal updates, until at least 2013, although our marketing and branding domain names will no longer forward to it.
All of the Mosaic Class web sites are independent, stand-alone web sites, and are not interconnected, as each targets a specific service market. Each additional web site will achieve IOC as soon as they are launched and are online. We expect the 12 Mosaic Class web sites to achieve standard search engine performance by late 2012, and for all of them, as they will all be regularly updated, to achieve Search Engine Superiority (SES), by Spring 2013.
An additional 12 Mosaic Class web sites are being considered. There may be as many as 24 Mosaic Class web sites online by 2013, with each web site expected to obtain SES within the first year after launch.

4th Generation Web Site Development
The Mosiac Class web sites, which were designed, developed, and finalized in 2011, may be cutting edge at the moment, but they are built on 3rd Generation web site technology, which uses HTML, CSS templates, and JPEG mouse-over graphics. 3rd Generation sites were first developed in late 2004, and began deployment in 2005, with the Diana Class site being one of the first. One innovation that the 3rd Generation of web sites brought to the table was the designation of different web site designs as “classes”, as it was not practical to create a new web site design for each individual web site that we owned.
The Mosaic Class sites are late 3rd Generation web sites, which are designed to be easily upgradable to 4th Generation sites once the technology is developed. This said, they are not built from the ground up as true 4th Generation sites, so their shelf life is limited. The Mosaic Class web sites, although we expect them to be in front line services for at least a few years, will not actually be front line web sites, anymore, by late 2013. By that time, the first true 4th Generation web sites will be developed, deployed, and tested.
As 4th Generation web site technology is required before we can offer web site design, development, and web site maintenance services to our clients, progress on our web site capabilities in the next year will eclipse what we have been able to do in the past 10 years. That service requirement will drive dramatic advancements in web site technology available to our teams. As a result, 4th Generation web sites will be quite revolutionary in nature, and will be even more advanced that any of our 3rd Generation sites as our 3rd Generation sites were over BBS and Usenet (before the web). Our 3rd Generation web sites are more evolutionary at this time, and are a culmination of the tried and true.
Our 4th Generation sites will be quite revolutionary in nature. Unlike the static 3rd Generation sites, the 4th Generation will be dynamic, customizable, and flexible in their design and format. 4th Generation web sites will be built using databasing technology such as PHP, will use Flash for graphics and multimedia, will be as interactive as they need to be, and will have social media capabilities built into them, as well as e commerce features for online catalogs and stores. 4th Generation sites will be able to configure themselves for individual users, will have full multimedia features, and will involve the visitors in exciting ways. 4th Generation sites will all have advanced Search Engine Superiority (SES) capabilities into them, too, which is enhanced SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We became very good at SEO during our 3rd Generation era, and had many web sites which consistently maintained top search results for targeted and relevant keywords, in many cases for several years.
The way that we develop 4th Generation web sites will be different, too. Unlike 3rd Generation sites, which we simply sketch out, plan, and build, 4th Generation site design will be more evolutionary, with test sites built and deployed, and those sites being incorporated into fully operational site classes after their features are worked out and improved upon.
When Aurora PhotoArts begins to market and sell web site design and support services, we will have a variety of 3rd and 4th Generation web site design class packages, all of which are proven designs, for our clients. Some front line, and/or experimental 4th Generation web site classes, however, will be exclusive to our companies, and will not be made available to our clients.

Aurora Class Web Site Development Announced
The last main web site design class for the main Aurora PhotoArts site, the Venus Class site, was commissioned on September 16, 2005, with an upgraded Venus 2 variant, which was still a Venus Class site, replacing it on July 31, 2007; the differences between the original and the upgrade minor. That makes the Venus Class site, which as the time of this news release is still the official current web site of Aurora PhotoArts, as this Mosaic Class site has yet to achieve IOC, almost seven years old.
There is no way that the Mosaic Class sites will remain front line marketing and support sites for seven years, especially as, even with the first Mosaic Class sites just now being built and deployed, the Mosaic Class design is over a year old, and it is the culmination of 8 years of 3rd Generation web design experience. This is especially true as there will be rapid advancements in our web site design capabilities in the next year which will exceed the progress that we have made in the past 8 years. It is projected that Mosaic Class sites would be phased out from front line service as soon as 2014 (as will most other 3rd Generation/ late 3rd Generation converted to 4th Generation web sites), although the Mosaic Class web sites are optimized, fully featured web sites and not meant to be any kind of transitional stop gap. Right now, with 4th Generation web sites in development, the next web site design class, specifically designed for Aurora PhotoArts, and a true, advanced 4th Generation web site, is in development. That web site is the Aurora Class web site.
The development of the Aurora Class web site will be the standard development cycle for what we have outlined for all other 4th Generation web site design classes, which include the upcoming Theodora Class web site, which will be used for talent resource sites, are not as straight-forward as the 3rd Generation web sites were. There will be a lot of experimental 4th Generation web sites built, deployed, and tested, with features of future sites in mind. By the time official design classes of 4th Generation web sites are designed, built, and deployed, there will be at least several months of real world, online testing involved with all features and components. The sites will be proven and reliable before they are used, with hard performance data available to predict performance and usability. The experimental days of using operational web sites to test new concepts will be largely over.
The Aurora Class site will replace the current Mosaic Class site, including the 4th Generation upgraded Mosaic 2 due in 2013, as the front line marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts, and this will happen as early as 2014, despite the fact that, by then, there could be as many as 36 Mosaic Class sites online and fully operational. This means that each of those Mosaic Class sites would be replaced by an Aurora Class site.
As spec’ed out now, with most features of the Aurora Class site design highly classified, the Aurora Class site will be PHP based, with a database-driven core, new security and search technology, will have flash graphics, be highly interactive, will incorporate multimedia features, will have the next generation SES capabilities built in, and would have social media features and support built in. Comparing the Aurora Class site to the Mosaic Class site would be like comparing a top of the line smart phone to a piece of paper. 4th Generation web sites like the Aurora Class and the Theodora Class web sites will be among the most advanced in the world, with features and capabilities only limited to what we can imagine and develop.

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