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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design - News - 050612: New Aurora PhotoArts web site launches.



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Sunday, May 6, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design News

New Aurora PhotoArts web site launches.

On Sunday, May 6, 2012, a new Aurora PhotoArts web site launched. The first of the new Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites, replacing the seven year old Venus Class site which used to be the main Aurora PhotoArts web site, and using a new operating domain name, the site was online, with the plan on updating until it was at initial operational capability in a few weeks. By June, 2012, or perhaps even earlier, this new web site will become the official main Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design web site, with both of the marketing domain names re routed from the old operating domain to the new operation domain hosting the new site. Those marketing domain names are AuroraPhotoArts.Com and TampaLooks.Com .
In many ways, this is a new era for Aurora PhotoArts, with a new logo, new agreements, new ways of doing business, and aggressive programs to prepare for the future. Here at Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design, our new emphasis is on the ongoing support of our clients, which is especially critical because, starting this year, our main service will be model testing, and it is in our best interests to give the models the tools that they need for their careers. Aurora PhotoArts proudly supports the independent modeling and independent talent agendas, helping independent models and talent take charge of their own careers and booking work without going through, and being dependent, upon an agency or anyone else. For models and talent who wish to limit themselves by going through modeling and talent agencies, however, they have that option, too, and we know who all of the reputable professional talent agencies are in the Tampa Bay market.
Aurora PhotoArts has been working on new service agreements and new client support resources since 2006, and they are ready to be used now. We have support features, which will be hosted on this new web site, which are more advanced than anything that anyone else is doing, anywhere, including tools such as virtual documents. 6 years of work, and experience working in the field with clients, have helped us develop a new generation of client support resources which will prove to be a tremendous advantage to our clients, and will give all of our clients an advantage over the clients of our competition. The success of our clients is our success.
Speaking of success, the success of our modeling and talent resource sites over the past decade, such as Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling, has expanded our concept of what this site will have, and what it will do. We will be publishing resources on this site for our clients, as well as free resources for others. We will also overhaul our existing talent resource sites to emphasis the support of our model and talent clients, making it an outstanding value to invest in our services. Some of these resources will only be available to our clients.
The base content of the new Aurora PhotoArts site will be available and online within a week. Our featured portfolio should be online within two weeks, and our main portfolio core will be online days after that. Once the site is up to initial operational capability, we will then begin building and deploying a fleet of supporting sister Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts sites, each site targeting a specific market. None of these other sites, however, will be as large, or as feature-packed, as this one, as this is our main site.
Having a dual level portfolio core, which utilizes the same picture image and graphics sets, it important for many reasons. As you know, we have experience in web site development going back over ten years, and very few web design companies in the Tampa Bay, or Florida, markets can do what we have done, and what we can do. We’ve built, and have been maintaining, over 70 top web sites. Each of those web sites teach us something that can be applied to the others. For example, we have an online film festival at TampaOnlineFilmFestival.Com, and we needed a way to update the featured film thumbnail array and featured film sections without spending a lot of time refreshing all of the film festival site files on the server. We came up with a dual film festival file set, which allowed us to instantly add, swap out, and update featured films without having to refresh the entire site. Well, that feature has been built into this new Mosaic Class site. While our clients and site visitors can go into our portfolio section to see pictures on our main portfolio core, and look at specific categories, our main mosaic-like thumbnail array at the top of every page, which uses the same graphic and image sets as sources, is a separate portfolio core, a featured portfolio core. By default, this means that we can instantly use this featured portfolio core to show our latest work, and we can do this by simply uploading a set of 5 small files instead of spending 30 minutes or more, and transferring tens of megs of hundreds of files, to do one simple update. Our web design clients, too, benefit from our experience.
That is just the beginning of the capabilities of this new web site, too. This is our gift to our clients, both past and future, and will ensure that Aurora PhotoArts not only dominates the Tampa Bay photography and design services market, but runs it, too. After all, our philosophy is that we do not run a business, but rather that we run the market. It’s as it should be, as this company is the only company that you will ever need for our professional support, photography, design, and web design needs.
Some may wonder how this is possible. Well, it is true that Aurora PhotoArts could not possible be the end-all, be-all in photography and design services for the Tampa Bay market if it was only the efforts of one photographer and designer, regardless of how good that this individual is. Aurora PhotoArts subcontracts professionals that we need for a job. That means that this company will be the largest source of jobs for photographers, make-up artists, models, stylists, and others in the industry, even if those people think that they are competing with us. Think about that, especially if you don’t like our company for whatever reason, as we remember. Also remember that Aurora PhotoArts is NOT a talent agency, and we do not refer, or “book”, talent into jobs. We subcontract them into our own jobs, and there is a difference. Commercial photography? Well, if we have a commercial photography job which requires a model, we will recommend that model to our client and then directly subcontract the model into our commercial photography job, without charging the client or the model any fee. The client benefits from working with a good independent model, and the model gets paid, without any agency involved. Wedding photography? Well, we will subcontract a qualified wedding photographer into some jobs, and the photographer gets paid. Again, we are not an agency, but rather a source of subcontracted jobs. This gives us a massive advantage over our competition, and also gives potential competitors something to think about, as we are sure that they do not want to burn bridges when it comes to job opportunities. At the moment, we have a list of photographers and models whom we will never work with, and positions on that list are well-earned. Please, be professional, keep it clean, and don’t end up on that list.

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